Don’t Take Our Word For It…

For a long time, we’ve made it a point to share our course ratings and reviews on our site. The most rewarding part of our job is learning from our clients. As we’re sure you know, in order to be the best, one must constantly evolve, and to that note, we sincerely value the information, expertise and feedback that we’ve received over the years!


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What to Expect…

Expect nothing but the best. That’s what we strive for. Expect a course that will be filled with folks from all different walks of life from old to young, near and far. Expect to learn things in a way that will help you to remember them in the event that you may actually have to use one day (as opposed to simply memorizing it for a test). Expect a very intense course with lots to learn, but don’t let the little things overwhelm you. Expect to have a lot of hands-on practice and above all, expect to have FUN (we’re serious about this)!

What to Bring to Class…

Since each training course is different, instead of listing everything you should bring for each course here, we have listed what to bring in the Course Downloads page of each course.


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Keep Your Skills Fresh…

Keep your wilderness medicine skills fresh by staying on top of Curriculum Updates, reviewing our Course Materials & Case Studies and watching our Skills Videos! 

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