Wilderness EMT Upgrade – WEMT

This 5-day intensive course is designed for those holding current EMT-Basic certification through either State or National Registry, and is very fast paced. The course will build upon the advanced knowledge of patient care of the EMT and will introduce wilderness protocols and procedures that are significantly different from those taught in urban settings due to the element of time and therefore extended patient contact time and care.

Why Upgrade to Wilderness EMT?

Wilderness EMT students during a scenario

Learn to adapt with constantly changing environmental conditions including weather and terrain, not to mention limited resources; while learning to make difficult medical decisions with confidence. This course will test your abilities to provide basic treatment interventions while our experienced instructors guide you through scenario-based, hands-on learning. Be prepared to spend time not only in the classroom, but also outdoors; regardless of weather conditions (after all, this is wilderness EMT).

Time is the essential element distinguishing wilderness first aid from standard first aid. When calling 911 is not an immediate option, or when help could be an hour or even days away, the task of managing the injured and the ill will challenge you beyond basic first-aid knowledge, and require the skills you will learn in this course.

In your Wilderness EMT Upgrade course, you will not only refresh your patient care and assessment skills, but you will also gain new insight into long-term care, improvisation techniques, and the addition of Wilderness Medical Field Protocols.

The equipment needed for treatment and evacuation may have to be improvised from what’s available, and communication with the “outside world” may be limited—or even nonexistent. Remote locations and harsh environments may require creative treatments. All of this comes into play being a wilderness first aider.

Wilderness First Aid students discussing a lesson outdoorsWhat To Expect

This course is an intensive course which offers a lot of hands-on practice through scenarios, case studies and simulations. Students will constantly be both indoors and outdoors for simulations and practice, regardless of the weather, barring severe inclement weather. Come to class prepared for the weather, as we spend a lot of time outdoors training.

Course Length:

45–55 hours of instruction.

Actual course length may vary due to hands-on scenarios, skills practice & activities.


Course Format:

WEMT is typically taught over 5 or 6 consecutive days (please see below).

Courses taught over 5 consecutive days are typically 8am–5pm daily, with several night sessions.
Courses taught over 6 consecutive days are typically 8am–5pm daily, with at least one evening session.


Course Tuition:

$485 – $685

Actual course tuition may vary depending on course location, logistics, meals, lodging options, etc.



    ‣ Wilderness EMT (valid 3 years)*

* Only valid with a current state or NR-EMT certificate and healthcare provide CPR/AED certification.



CWS requires all Wilderness First Responder participants to:

  •     • Be at least 18 years of age.*

  •     • Current BLS Level CPR/AED certification is required, and must be through Am. Heart or Red Cross.

  •     • Complete the two required forms (waiver & medical forms) prior to class.**

* The minimum age requirement to take Wilderness EMT Upgrade is 18 by the last day of the course, however younger participants may be allowed to take the course on a case-by-case basis.
** All Prerequisites MUST be completed at least 48 Hours prior to your course start date (if a course starts on Saturday, they are due the Thursday before at Midnight). Failure to do so will result in not being permitted to attend the course with no refunds. NOTE: Access to these forms is granted once enrollment is complete.



Wilderness EMT Upgrade is an advanced 5 to 6-day training, designed for medical personnel who would like to enhance their skills and experience for use in rural, wilderness, and technical rescue setting. This course is geared toward current EMS providers looking to broaden their skills in remote and wilderness environments.