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A family camping trip can be an enjoyable experience with a little preparation. Knowing everyone’s limits, taking the time to plan ahead, and packing the right items will help your adventure come off without a hitch. But what happens when… (fill in terrible, scary thing here). What would you do?

Well, this is exactly why we created our Outdoor Safety 101 series to address a few relatively common concerns about potentially life-threatening or at least very scary situations!

Altitude Safety

Altitude Safety 101

Allergies + Anaphylaxis

Allergies + Anaphylaxis 101

Bear Safety

Bear Safety 101

Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa)

Brown Recluse Spiders 101

Cold + Hypothermia

Cold + Hypothermia 101

Patient Carry-Out on Stokes Litter

Evacuations 101

Administering CPR ashore

Heart Attacks + CPR 101


Heat Illnesses 101

Lightning Safety

Lightning Safety 101

Marine Envenomataions

Marine Envenomation 101

Patient Assessment Demonstration

Patient Assessment 101

Pediatric Emergencies 101

Pediatric Emergencies 101

Scorpion under a Blacklight

Spiders & Scorpions 101

Tick Safety 101

Tick Safety 101

(North American) Venomous Snakebites 101

Venomous Snakebites 101

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