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Hybrid  online  courses

Wilderness Medicine Courses – COVID-19 Precautions

NEW! Hybrid WFA Course

Since the pandemic has created a renewed emphasis on how how we learn; now that in-person gatherings are far and few between, we just launched a BRAND NEW Hybrid/Online course: Hybrid Wilderness First Aid! Click below to Learn More…


Free Course: Tick Safety

American Dog Tick - adult femaleIn 2011 (after getting so much traffic that it actually crashed our website), we created the National Tick Safety program, located at TickSafety.com — a website, geared toward just tick safety awareness and education.

Then in 2012, we began Testing Ticks for Lyme disease, and have seen a steady growth in tick encounters (& Lyme disease) nationwide…until now. This year alone, we’ve seen the largest increase in tick encounters and submissions for tick identification and testing ever! 😳

Free Tick Safety Talk (course)

Identify a Tick for Free (Deer, Lone Star, Dog, Gulf) Test a Tick for Lyme Disease

Patient Assessment Demonstration


Required by many outdoor programs (such as Scouts BSA for Philmont, Northern Tier, Florida Sea Base, etc.) this 16-hour course teaches participants the assessment of, and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a wilderness setting where help may be delayed.

Wilderness First Aid

Happy Kayaker

W F A  Afloat

This specialized two and a half day course teaches participants the assessment of, and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a remote and often cold, wet environment. WFA Afloat is packed with hands-on scenarios, all pertaining to water-related emergencies. 

Wilderness First Aid Afloat

Blood Pressure Cuff


Wilderness First Responder is considered the industry standard for all outdoor professionals, trail and river guides, SAR personnel, trip leaders, etc. This 80-hour intensive course includes a wide range of topics including long-term patient care, evacuation and more!

Wilderness First Responder

Tick Safety 101

Tick Safety 101

• Outdoor Safety Series •

High Angle Rescue - National Park Service

Wilderness Protocols

• Recently Updated •

(North American) Venomous Snakebites 101

Venomous Snakebites 101

• Outdoor Safety Series •

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Customers Reviews

What people say

GREAT organization! I’ve been taking courses and hosting courses with CWS for 6 years now and they offer AMAZING courses! Their curriculum, testing and staff are AWESOME! Definitely highly recommend them for anyone looking for training and certification in wilderness medicine.
Kathy Phillips
Kathy PhillipsVirginia
Absolutely fantastic [WFA] course. All the hands-on scenarios really bring the concepts into reality. Knowledgeable instructors and tons of hands-on time!
Joey Vulpis
Joey VulpisNew Jersey
Troop 51 had CWS conduct a First Aid Merit Badge class for our Scouts and other Scouts in the area. It was a fun and active experience and they did an outstanding job keeping the Scouts engaged. There was nothing boring about it. The Scouts & parents who stayed to learn along with them enjoyed the experience and learned a lot along the way.
Jonathan McDonald
Jonathan McDonaldMaryland
CWS is not only the BEST company and instructors for your wilderness first aid training, but the ONLY place you should consider using! Don’t be fooled by imposters. No one else compares, hands down!
Stephen Nicoud
Stephen NicoudVirginia
I took their Wilderness First Responder class in July, and it was the best wilderness medicine class I’ve *ever* taken. I loved the realistic training scenarios, especially the chance to participate in roles that were outside my comfort zone. I strongly recommend the WFR & WFA class to others with full confidence they’ll be fully satisfied. The Center for Wilderness Safety is a tremendous resource!
Kelly Brown
Kelly BrownNorth Carolina
CWS is the best place to learn wilderness first aid in the mid-Atlantic region. Not only does the staff know everything about the most recent protocols in wilderness safety, they’re also excellent teachers – the ratio of lecture to skills practice is superb! The staff’s enthusiasm and dedication to making sure you leave their course with the toolbox of knowledge and confidence to act is second to none. I would, with no hesitation, recommend CWS to anyone looking to advance their skills in wilderness safety!
Christina DeVera
Christina DeVeraVirginia

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Celebrating 16 Years of Wilderness Medicine Education + Training
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