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Wilderness Advanced First Aid

Wilderness First Aid Course Textbook

Thank you for registering for an upcoming Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) course through Center for Wilderness Safety. Below, we have provided you with the course materials that you should become familiar with prior to your course.

Please note that many of these downloads you will receive in class, so it may not be necessary to print these out. You WILL however want to print out a copy of the PowerPoint handouts (there are several layouts to choose from).

Please note that the two forms below (Student Agreement + Medical Form) MUST be submitted No Later Than 24 hours prior to your course in order to attend.

Get Them Done Now — Don’t Procrastinate!


•  Required Forms  •  Before Class  •  Handouts
•  Additional Resources  • What to Bring  •  Course Textbook(s)

Required Forms

Student Agreement

Student Agreement FormOpens in New Window


All students attending a wilderness medicine course must complete and submit a Student Agreement form before being allowed to participate. This form must be completed at least 24 hours prior to your course.

Medical Form

Participant Health FormOpens in New Window


All students attending a wilderness medicine course must complete and submit a Health Form form before being allowed to participate.

All information contained in this form is secure and encrypted by Google forms. Medical forms are not accessed unless in an emergency; and are only accessed by the instructor of the course in such cases.

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Before Class…

In order to allow us to “hit the ground running” when you get to class, we ask that all participants to read the Pre-Class Reading Assignment as well as watch this ten minute video (below) about the Patient Assessment System prior to your class.

Please feel free to FOLLOW ALONG with our Patient Assessment System Handout. You will receive a hard copy of this in class as well.

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Course Handouts

Presentation Handouts

Please note that you will NOT receive a hard copy of the PowerPoint handout in class. If you wish to download and print out a copy for yourself to bring to class, please feel free to do so prior to class. We STRONGLY recommend downloading a copy and printing it out for class!


Adobe PDF Icon   Slides Handout 4 slides per page (63 Pages, 12.4 MB)

Updated April 20, 2022

Recommended Reading

Your Wilderness First Aid course encompasses a ton of information, so in order to get the most out of class (and do as much hands-on practice as possible), we ask that participants read the first two chapters of the course text (provided below) PRIOR to class. It’s not required – but we highly recommend it!

Don’t fret – it’s only the first two chapters of the course textbook which discuss the basic principles of wilderness medicine, and legal aspects of being a Wilderness First Aider. This is OPTIONAL, however STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (by previous students, nonetheless)!

Over the years, we’ve had numerous requests for a downloadable document that students can download and print, which has larger sketches of relevant anatomy, as well as the most important key takeaway points about each topic.

We strongly recommend that you download and print a copy of the Participant Workbook if you would like. This workbook is OPTIONAL , however many students have found it to be very helpful both in, and outside of class! Your instructor may have a hard copy of the workbook, but only limited copies.

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Additional Resources

The following are additional (optional) resources; many of which will be handed out in hard copy in class. Please don’t feel that you need to download and print any of these, however they are here for you to use as desired. Have a great class! Resources marked with ** will be handed out in class.

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What to Bring

We recommend that you bring the following items as many of these items will be useful for scenarios and will be discussed in detail throughout the course. As these are recommendations, please do not go out and buy any of these items just for the course!

Checkmark YOU WILL SPEND A MOST OF EACH DAY OUTSIDE REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. Wear and/or bring Appropriate Clothing to go outside each day of your course, as we will be outside each day, no matter what the weather conditions may be like (barring lightning or unsafe conditions, of course)!
Checkmark Bring a day or Backpacking Pack, packed for an overnight or day hike. Pack it with whatever you might bring with you if you were out camping for the weekend. You may use some of the stuff you bring to improvise splints and other first aid interventions.
Checkmark Bring Water! Definitely bring a water bottle, Nalgene, or CamelBak to stay hydrated – regardless of the weather!
Checkmark Bring a First Aid Kit. That said, we do NOT expect you to have a full first aid kit, however if you have one that you use when you’re out enjoying Mother Nature, please bring it as you’ll have the opportunity to go through it in class and find out what’s good to use, and what’s expired. DO NOT PURCHASE ONE JUST FOR CLASS!!
Checkmark Be sure to bring a Sleeping Pad (like a Foam Pad or Yoga Mat) with you to class each day, as we are constantly outside doing patient assessment & scenario practice, and this is really a true NECESSITY and we strongly encourage you to bring one. Instructors may have 1 or 2 extra to share with students.
Checkmark Bring Paper and Pen! Guaranteed, you will need to take notes; and chances are, a lot of them! There’s a lot of information in a relatively short period of time!
Checkmark Please bring your own Snacks! We do our best to offer coffee (and sometimes tea), but ask that students bring THEIR OWN snacks (due to COVID). Also, please Bring Your Own Mug if you’re interested in coffee or tea!
Checkmark On the last day of your course, please bring clothing that can get Ripped, Torn, or at least get Super Dirty as we will be using moulage (realistic looking fake blood and injuries) as we practice first aid skills. Our goal is to “train like it’s real”. We typically only use these clothes on the last day of class.
Checkmark If you decide to bring a Light Source (it tends to get dark out around 5 PM in the winter months), we highly recommend a Headlamp over a flashlight, because you will be outdoors with gloves on and you will want both of your hands free to take care of patients in our late-afternoon scenarios! Please don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a headlamp just for this course.
Checkmark Bring money. Depending upon the course location, there are often restaurants and grocery stores nearby in case you didn’t bring your own food. Please check with your course instructor of with the course sponsor regarding your specific course options. We often times also offer discounted first aid items in class for those interested. We are able to accept cash and all major credit cards.

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Course Textbook



Since the beginning of 2019, the course textbook used for this course is our newest publication, Wilderness Medicine: What to Do When You Can’t Call 911.

You will receive a hard copy of the textbook in class.

You may also purchase and download additional copies of the book for virtually any capable eBook reader device including the Amazon Kindle, B&N; Nook, Apple iPad, etc. You will not be reimbursed for purchasing additional copies of the book (regardless of format).


To Purchase an Additional Textbook  -OR- a Digital Copy, Click Here.

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