Stop The Bleed Training

Center for Wilderness Safety is one of only a handful of Dept. of Defense licensed program providers, offering the national Stop The Bleed program - serving the greater Northern Virginia area only.


We are proud to announce that we now offer the Free STOP THE BLEED Training in two formats: a 2-hour 100% In Person format, as well as a new Online format. So what’s the difference? While they are both fundamentally the same, the big difference is actually the length of each format and how each is setup. If you learn better in a relaxed setting, then perhaps the hybrid format is best for you. If you have no time whatsoever and want to cram it all into one weekend and be done with it, then the in-person format may be better for you. The amount of hands-on practice is nearly identical for both formats, however obviously with the in-person option, we provide makinins and training tourniquets to practice with.

Stop The Bleed!

C-A-T Tourniquet

Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death in multiple casualty events, like mass shootings, terrorist attacks and earthquakes. Significant external bleeding can also result from everyday events such as a motorcycle crash, or an industrial accident. Rapid control of bleeding at the scene of the event can be life-saving.

That’s why the American College of Surgeons, FEMA, and the US Department of Homeland Security have partnered together to ensure that:

   • Bystanders have skills &knowledge to provide immediate bleeding control in an emergency.
• Bleeding control supplies are located in all public gathering locations next to AEDs.
• Bleeding control education is incorporated into our schools and workplace.
• People know what to do in an active shooter situation.