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Online/Hybrid WFA Course

Since the pandemic has created a renewed emphasis on how how we learn; now that in-person gatherings are far and few between, we just launched a BRAND NEW Hybrid/Online course: Hybrid Wilderness First Aid! Click below to Learn More…


Free Course: Tick Safety

American Dog Tick - adult femaleIn 2011 (after getting so much traffic that it actually crashed our website), we created the National Tick Safety program, located at — a website, geared toward just tick safety awareness and education.

Then in 2012, we began Testing Ticks for Lyme disease, and have seen a steady growth in tick encounters (& Lyme disease) nationwide…until now. This year alone, we’ve seen the largest increase in tick encounters and submissions for tick identification and testing ever! 😳


Identify a Tick for Free (Deer, Lone Star, Dog, Gulf) Test a Tick for Lyme Disease

Required by many outdoor programs (such as Scouts BSA for Philmont, Northern Tier, Florida Sea Base, etc.) this 16-hour course teaches participants the assessment of, and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a wilderness setting where help may be delayed.

This specialized two and a half day course teaches participants the assessment of, and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a remote and often cold, wet environment. WFA Afloat is packed with hands-on scenarios, all pertaining to water-related emergencies. 

Wilderness First Responder is considered the industry standard for all outdoor professionals, trail and river guides, SAR personnel, trip leaders, etc. This 80-hour intensive course includes a wide range of topics including long-term patient care, evacuation and more!

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