Outdoor Safety 101

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A family camping trip can be an enjoyable experience with a little preparation. Knowing everyone’s limits, taking the time to plan ahead, and packing the right items will help your adventure come off without a hitch. But what happens when… (fill in terrible, scary thing here). What would you do?

Well, this is exactly why we created our Outdoor Safety 101 series to address a few relatively common concerns about potentially life-threatening or at least very scary situations!

Altitude Safety
Altitude Safety 101
Allergies + Anaphylaxis
Allergies + Anaphylaxis 101
Bear Safety
Bear Safety 101
Cold + Hypothermia
Cold + Hypothermia 101
Dislocations 101
Dislocations 101
Evac + Litters
Evac + Litters 101
Assessing Chest Pains
Heart Attacks 101
Heat Illnesses
Heat Illnesses 101
Lightning Safety
Lightning Safety 101
Marine Envenomataions
Marine Envenomations 101
Patient Assessment
Patient Assessment 101
Pediatric Emergencies 101
Pediatric Emergencies 101
Spiders + Scorpions 101
Spiders + Scorpions 101
Traumatic Brain Injuries 101
Traumatic Brain Injuries 101
Tick Safety 101
Tick Safety 101
(North American) Venomous Snakebites 101
Venomous Snakebites 101

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