Wilderness Medicine Instructor

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, celebrating 16 years of wilderness and emergency medicine education & training.

Interested in becoming a Wilderness Medicine instructor? Our wilderness medical training program include Wilderness EMT Upgrade (WEMT), Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA), Wilderness First Aid Afloat (WFAA) and Wilderness First Aid (WFA). Taught with an intensive hands-on focus, these courses give students the skills and knowledge so they can make educated decisions and know what to do when confronted with a wilderness setting emergency.

Unless employed by an affiliate organizations, CWS instructors are not employees; they are licensed subcontractors who own their own businesses. We believe ownership provides the necessary motivation and commitment to maintain course quality. Our instructors are with us for the long haul. CWS supports its instructors and courses in the following manner:

  • Nationally recognized certification in wilderness medicine (WFA, WFAA, WAFA, WFR and WEMT) that meet or exceed the Wilderness Medical Society’s scope of practice guidelines.
  • Ongoing research & development.
  • Ongoing instructor training & development.
  • High quality course materials.
  • National marketing, calendar listings on sponsor & partner websites, Blog posts, and email newsletters.
  • First Aid Gear Shop discounts.
  • Assistance setting up your business.
  • Highest per day income in the industry.


Position Summary:

CWS Wilderness Medicine instructors are expected to provide an outstanding educational experience to the students that come through our programs. This is accomplished thorough didactic lectures on medical topics and supervised hands-on skills practices for groups of 8 to 30 or more participants. Additionally, responsibilities include keeping accurate paperwork, collaborating with course hosts (sponsors), and overseeing course materials and equipment.

Instructors’ teaching schedules may be arranged to fit with other employment. Highest consideration of scheduling will be given to applicants who are available during the busiest teaching months of January through June.

Job Location:

Courses are located all around the United States; and although instructors are generally regionally centered near their homes, they may be expected to travel teach throughout the United States. Appropriate accommodations and additional compensation will be arranged in those instances.


The Online Training Operations Coordinator must be able to present a vibrant, positive, and helpful attitude to inquiries, whether by email or over the phone. The training coordinator must have the ability to manage large volumes of detail in an accurate and timely manner. Must be comfortable with email, word processing, and database applications. Must be able to confidently communicate policies.

  • Applicant must have experience with online training management.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are a must.
  • The ability to solve problems in dynamic situations.
  • Experience successfully working on a geographically distributed team, sometimes with no in-person contact with teammates or supervisors
  • Self-starter able to work independently in a highly dynamic nonprofit organization.
  • Highly organized, with an eye for creating, documenting, and improving processes.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Organize and oversee all logistics for online training programs that CWS offers.
  • Schedule online courses, presentations and office hours.
  • Supervise and provide feedback regarding online training programs. Use client feedback responses to continually improve the program and overall course performance.
  • Interact with, and respond to client communications prior to, during online training courses.
  • Assist with the administration and paperwork associated with all online training courses, certificates, etc.
  • Work closely with and provide logistical and administrative support to customers prior to, during, and after each online training course.

To apply for this job please visit wildsafe.org.