Specialized Courses

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The American College of Surgeons’ bleeding control program, also known as Stop the Bleed, is a FREE training course designed to teach the public the fundamentals of how to recognize and intervene upon severe bleeding. The use of tourniquets and a focus on sudden emergencies (including active shooters) is included in this 90-minute hands-on training class.

We are excited to be offering the First Aid merit badge, an Eagle-required merit badge! Throughout the year, we anticipate offering several of these courses in the Northern Virginia area; all, being taught by Eagle Scouts who are registered merit badge counselors with the National Capital Area Council, BSA.

Bear attacks are rare. But they do occur, not only in the wilderness and remote places but also in well-populated campgrounds and even in areas close to suburbs and cities. Carry bear spray and know how to use it! Participating in a bear spray training workshop can help prepare you by learning how to properly use bear spray.

Are you ready to face a disaster? Have you ever wondered what you would do when the big one hit? What disasters do you face where you live, and what actions do you take when they happen? In this disaster preparedness course, you will gain valuable insight and knowledge of what YOU can do to not only prepare yourself but also all your family members to survive and be ready for a natural disaster (or even something like a pandemic).

This practical, hands-on course is lead by experts who are seasoned expedition professionals and medics. Includes essential medical topics related to expeditionary planning, medical kits, trauma and environmental medicine, and more. Additional fields of study include tropical medicine, cruise/expeditionary ship settings, remote and austere field settings and more.

CWS is often tasked with designing custom wilderness & remote medical course that meet an organization’s specific needs. Our staff are able to facilitate experiences that include (but are not limited to) hour long lectures, half day skills-based sessions, themed topic sessions or multi-day training courses.  We will work with your group to identify your training needs and create the best possible custom experience for you and your group or organization.